Key competences for adult learning professionals

In 2010, the European Commission financed the study on key competences for adult learning staff carried out by a team of researchers, among which the PROVIDE project partner PLATO.

The study came up with a set of key competences that functions as a reference for European educational professionals. The set of key competences can be used to develop competence profiles for particular functions or individuals in an adult learning institute.
In a competence profile three elements are brought together.

  1. The first refers to the repertoire of activities, i.e. the actual actions someone is supposed to be able to carry out.
  2. The second refers to the context in which the person is assumed to take the actions. Moreover, it deals with the level of responsibility to be attributed to the particular profile of the professional. The level of responsibility depends on the context in which the professional is working and the level of autonomy with which the activities should be carried out.
  3. The third and last refers to the competences needed to carry out these activities. By determining the context, selecting the activities one needs to carry out, and selecting the competences needed, a specific competence profile can be developed for a specific position.

The KCAE developing team is represented by the PROVIDE partner PLATO with permission from Research voor Beleid. (Find the full version here.)