The continuing professional development and the improvement of the quality of educational staff have been recognised as a priority at European level.

However, there is not always a clear view of the competences needed to fulfil the professional tasks in vocational and adult learning – partly due to the diversity of the field.

To shed light on the matter the European Commission financed a study on key competences for adult learning staff that was carried out by a team led by Research voor Beleid in 2010. One of the findings is a set of 19 key competences that functions as a reference framework for European educational professionals.

In PROVIDE this framework shall be transferred into a holistic learning and validation system that results in a continuing professional development approach (CPD) for educational staff in VET and AE.

As another priority on the political agenda the European Commission suggests to speed up the process of assessment of skills and social competences and have them validated and recognised in terms of learning outcomes.

With its three dimensional system LEVEL5 seems to be the perfect counterpart when it comes to validating the key competences comprised in the competence framework compiled by the KCAE-study.

LEVEL5 has been specifically designed to assess personal, social and organisational competence developments in rather non- and informal learning settings. It is based on a 3-dimensional approach to validate cognitive, activity related and affective learning outcomes that are visualised in the LEVEL5 cube.

The project PROVIDE intends to merge these two elements – KCAE and LEVEL5 – in order to promote both the development of key competences for professionals in vocational education and the validation of these competences.