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In the two-year project (October 3013 to September 2015) the PROVIDE partners will carry out the following activities:

  • setting up the theoretical basis for a competence based learning approach (CBL) for the acquisition of key competences based on a comprehensive needs analysis among the target groups;
  • providing a system to facilitate the assessment and evidencing of key competences for educational professionals;
  • developing a modular CBL approach transferable to different target groups and learning settings;
  • developing and delivering a training seminar on the PROVIDE methodology for HR- and training managers responsible for continuous professional development and/or decision takers;
  • piloting the PROVIDE approach both in modular trainings and in training on the job;
  • disseminating project results and best practice to create awareness for the validation of key competences for professionals in the VET sector;
  • intensive networking to attract stakeholders from practice and research and establishing the PROVIDE community;