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Online Survey for VET professionals

The PROVIDE team invites all VET professionals to take part in our online survey. With the survey the PROVIDE team intends to get an insight into the work and learning context of VET-professionals and into the competences that are needed to adapt to changing conditions and requirements.

By responding you will have the chance – if you want – to participate in the European training course that will be organised in early 2015.

The online survey can be accessed here.


On the basis of the 19 key competences defined by the KCAE-study a comprehensive professional development scheme will be transferred and piloted in VET institutions in the participating countries.

On the operative level, the project aims to

  • adapt the LEVEL5 system – a thoroughly developed and tested methodology for assessing and validating informal learning outcomes, to the specific needs of different forms of informal learning at the workplace of educational professionals;
  • further elaborate this methodology into a competence based learning approach for promoting the acquisition of key competences for educators;
  • test the PROVIDE approach in different learning contexts;
  • develop and pilot a training and support system for the CPD of educational professionals;
  • promote the PROVIDE approach among enterprises, AE and VET institutions and educational and political decision-makers;
  • create interfaces to certification systems (e.g. EUROPASS).


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The professional development and the improvement of the quality of educational staff have been recognised as a priority at European level.

However, at European and national levels there is not always a clear view of the competences needed to fulfil the professional tasks in vocational and adult learning, partly due to the diversity of the field.

The project PROVIDE aims at combining both targets:
continuing professional development AND the improvement of quality.


The network

PROVIDE is part of REVEAL, the Research and Evaluation Group for Validating, Evaluating and Assessing Informal and Non-formal Learning represented in 20 European member states.

REVEAL owns LEVEL5 validation system.

Through the foundation of the REVEAL group it is intended to set up a stable European wide structure for support of learners and learning facilitators – be it teachers, trainers, helpers, counsellors, accompanying persons, assessors, evaluators etc.

In this connection the REVEAL group is establishing a growing European wide community of experts providing help and guidance for stakeholders in the field (e.g. citizens’ communities, grass-root projects but also providers of extracurricular activities etc.).

Kick-off meeting in Göttingen

The PROVIDE project team met for the two-day kick-off meeting in Göttingen, Germany. The overall aim of the meeting was to create a common understanding on the project and to plan the project activities. The project is quite complex since it is based on two innovative approaches that shall be transferred into continuing professional development of educational professionals in vocational education and training (VET). Continue reading Kick-off meeting in Göttingen