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PROVIDE offers a dynamic platform that bridges the gap between adult learners and learning offer providers for continued professional development opportunities across Europe (KA1 Mobility). Here, both learners and providers come together to create a vibrant learning ecosystem.
If you’re seeking to expand your skills and experiences aboard, simply click on the map to start your journey. If you are offering educational opportunities, register HERE to submit your learning offers.

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PROVIDE is a learning mobility matching platform with an ambition. In addition to bridging the gap between KA1 mobility projects’ learners , providers and all relevant stakeholders in one platform, our mission is to cultivate a collaborative ecosystem for learning mobility across Europe.

Learning mobility or a mobility project often involves the movement of individuals or groups to different locations aboard, typically for educational or professional development purposes. The EU promotes learning mobility as a means to enhance individual growth, improve employability, strengthen European integration, and foster cultural exchange and understanding. It is a valuable tool for personal, professional, and societal development.

Erasmus+ (2021-2027) is the EU’s programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. “KA1: Learning Mobility of Individuals” is one of three key actions of Erasmus+, with an estimated budget of 18 billion. Under KA1, participating organisations or individual learners can apply for funding to attend learning opportunities abroad in a different country.

Learning opportunities include:

  • courses, conferences and training (2-30 days)
  • job-shadowing (2- 60 days)
  • teaching/training assignments (2- 365 days).

Individual learners from EU countries or non-EU countries associated to the Erasmus+ programme can apply through an organisation such as their company, training centres and alike.

Organisations/Institutions in the field of formal education (e.g. schools, universities) and non-formal education (e.g. NGOs and youth organisations), vocational education and training (VET), and adult education can apply for KA1 Project or Accreditation to receive funding that allows them to send both learners and staff to participate in learning opportunities outside of their registered country.

Organisations can offer learning opportunities without submitting an application to Erasmus+. Any organisation can become a host for participants coming from an organisation abroad under KA1 Mobility Project, adhering to the guideline on “Quality standards for courses under Key Action 1 (learning mobility of individuals)”.