3rd Partner meeting in Leiden, the Netherlands

The third partner meeting focused in particular on finalising all tasks related to the needs analysis and stocktaking phase. The results of this phase show that the concept of validation is still rather an abstract one for the target groups that were involved in the needs analysis (online survey and interviews). However, respondents stress their interest in the matter and signal that they would want to gain further knowledge on the concept of validation and on its implementation in their respective working environment.

This is promising for the European qualification that the PROVIDE team is currently developing. The training aims to support professionals in their continious professional development by providing them with tools and instruments to enhance their self-directed competence based learning. The trainig course will make participants familiar with these tools and enable them to use them for themselves in their individual working environments with support of the PROVIDE partners.

The training course for VET professionals will be held in early 2015. More information will be provided soon.