Final conference – O-tones

P1000665For the PROVIDE team the final conference was a real success. Here come some O-tones that reflect what the participants felt:

” I have very rarely attended a conference before, where most of the participants come with innovative projects -outside of the box projects, very well connected to specific needs and their target grous, and todays global realities. Additionally, most of the projects had an unusual freshness, as well as an unusual commitment and passion.”

“VITA Competition needs to be continued, given the quality, pertinence and creativity of the projects presented. The conference includes a theory-policy framework, of high quality, that helps participants to understand practice within a complex context. Having national agencies, academics and practitioners of this high quality is a priviledge.”
“The conferences support Peer learning in capital letters; Innovative practices; Practice and Policy dialogue, and human connections. It is a pleasure to participate in the events.”

“It was a great pleasure to be invited and have a chance to participate in the final PROVIDE conference. The information shared during this event was of great importance for us as the National Agency, being responsible for the ECVET for mobility as well as for LLL implementation in Lithuania (only first steps since 2014). I was impressed by the projects’ presentations and really “got it” how the innovations are transferred and applied in practice. “

“During the Mechelen conference we had a clear understanding of the potential of the methodology and tools by witnessing the results showed by project coordinators and the impact of their intiatives on target groups.”

“Vielen Dank an Euch für die Realisation dieses tollen Events! Auch aus unserer Sicht war es eine sehr erfolgreiche Konferenz. Wir haben begeistert neue Kontakte geknüpft, Feedback eingeholt und konnten uns ein Bild von der Situation in der EU machen. Wir sind sehr glücklich darüber, in dieses wertvolle Netzwerk eingeführt worden zu sein.”

“The event was very interesting and for me especially was the best way to learn.”

“It was inspiring and I very much enjoyed the time we were there. We are also very proud having received the VITA award. It will get a nice visible spot here at our school.”