Arcus College is a regional training centre (ROC) for vocational training and adult education. In total Arcus College provides education for >10.000 students.

Arcus College consists of 5 operational departments. Arcus College has about 750 employees. 80% of them are involved in the primary process (teaching and guidance).

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The department of VET and adult education works exclusively with special target groups of people with special needs. There are 6 target groups defined:- Youngsters without starting qualification (<23)- Illiterates and people with low level education- Immigrants- Unemployed people- People with special needs- Senior citizens.

A Second Chance School , member of the European Association E2C-Europe, belongs to the department of Education.

ARCUS College has developed a methodology in which teaching and counselling are implemented equally to minimize the dropout rate.

ARCUS College has a tradition in cooperating in projects under EQUAL, Leonardo da Vinci, GRU, Interreg.