“I know myself!” – Personal Assessment Course

Test your self-knowledge with this practical course for self-analysis, self-reflection and goalsetting. Perfect for anyone on the edge of a life-change, or with a slight feeling of discontentment with the present


Course Venue

Sofia, Bulgaria

Content Areas
  • Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations

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Next Available Course

Jun 2024

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Emprove Foundation




In this course, you will be motivated to find your internal resources, opportunities and your own resources in order to improve your life quality.  You will be encouraged to look at different aspects of yourself.  You will consider some important questions about your wishes, priorities and preferences in life and assess your abilities and experience. You will determine what is (most) important to you and get to know better your own motivators and how to set your goals accordingly.

The course will introduce the theme of self-confidence and will motivate you how to behave in order to avoid negative life situations. Performing the tasks in this course will let you know what behaviour is associated with high self-confidence and what is assertive behaviour.


Participants will receive an improve badge indicating their participation in the course.

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TBD Sofia

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Send an Email to:

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€ 160

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