Eco-Therapy Training Course

The Training is a component of the two-year Eco-Therapy project that aims to equip and enhance the skills of professionals to better support people with addiction problems by introducing an innovative approach of ecotherapy.


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Espinho, Portugal

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ecotherapy, nature-based activities, mental health, well-being

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Jun 2024

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The training serves as a platform for participants to deepen their understanding of ecotherapy, enhance their skills and strengthen the bonds between European organisations. The programme will primarily consist of interactive sessions focusing on the training materials produced specifically for this project. These sessions will be led by experts in their respective fields to ensure that participants gain comprehensive and valuable insights. The training content will cover various aspects related to the objectives of our project, ranging from innovative approaches and methodologies to practical implementation strategies. Throughout the event, participants will engage in group discussions, hands-on activities and collaborative exercises, encouraging active participation and fostering a dynamic learning environment. This interactive approach will enable employees to share ideas, challenge existing perspectives and collectively explore new avenues for improvement and growth.

European Dimension

The training is a collaborative initiative, promoting knowledge sharing, professional development and cross-cultural exchange. One goal is to strengthen the bonds between European organisations

Tentative Program & Schedule

Day 1:

·        What is ecotherapy?

·        Is there space for ecotherapy in the work with people with substance abuse disorders

Day 2:

·        Special Considerations in ecotherapy for People with substance use disorders

·        Eco-Therapy training resources

·        Excursion to a therapy centre

Day 3:

·        Ecotherapy practical activities

·        Wrap up of the training

Expected Outcome

Participants will

·        develop an understanding of the therapy method Ecotherapy

·        learn about the benefits of ecotherapy when working with people with substance abuse disorders

·        get to know various practical ecotherapy activities and measures and their field of application when working with people with substance abuse disorders.

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Ovar Forma
3880-214 Espinho

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Via email:

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BUPNET, Am Leinekanal 4, 37073 Göttingen

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Sabine Wiemann