Disc Golf as a Sport for All

This course teaches participants how to design, plan and implement inclusive disc golf activities for a wide variety of target groups.


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Helsinki, Finland

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  • Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations
  • Inclusion and Diversity


Disc Golf, Sports, Sports for All, Inclusion

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Jun 2024

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Disc golf is inherently one of the most accessible sports in the world.  It can be played immediately by anyone who can throw a frisbee and take a walk, and courses can even be made accessible to wheelchair users, people with visual impairments and a wide variety of other groups. 

Since the majority of courses are located in public parks, disc golf does not cost anything to play.  As long as someone can make it to a course and either buy or borrow a frisbee, he or she can play disc golf.

This course will explore various ways in which disc golf coaches and other interested parties can utilize this extreme accessibility to create inclusive sports opportunities that actively encourage underrepresented groups to come out and participate.

European Dimension

The contents of this course have been developed in the framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 project "DISCKids"

Tentative Program & Schedule

Day 1: Short practical introduction to the sport of Disc Golf and its minimal requirements to play, teh history of the sport, "Spirit of the Game",  Examples of inclusive events

Day 2: Practical activity-planning session in which participants will develop their own inclusive disc golf activities

Day 3: Piloting of activities developed on Day 2 with the rest of the group, review and wrap-up activities

Expected Outcome

Participants will gain competences in the development and implementation of inclusive disc golf activities


A certificate of participation will be provided. 

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Contact Garrett Hubing at

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€ 240

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