The SDG Explorer – Raising awareness of potential sustainability projects

The course is designed for trainers focusing on a new format for sustainable development. In a 3-day course, participants will dive into the concepts of developing a sustainability project on an individual and corporate level.


Course Venue

Goettingen, Germany

Content Areas
  • Environment and fight against climate change
  • Promoting UN SDGs

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Next Available Course
From 06. May 2024
To 08. May 2024

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blinc eG


English , German


The course offers a better understanding of the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from a broader perspective. Over the course of three days, you will get a closer look at different perspectives that may affect your own motivation as well as your professional environment. It is up to you to decide how far you want to delve. The specially developed SDG Explorer (as a mobile application), designed to bridge the gap between knowledge transfer and structural support, gives you the opportunity to develop your own sustainable project, share it with others and use it according to your environment (professional and/or personal).

European Dimension

Based on the different nationalities of the participants, this automatically results in a diverse offer and a transnational approach and exchange. In addition, it also offers a greater networking opportunity.

Tentative Program & Schedule

Day 1: Introduction to the SDGs

Getting to know the Sustainable Development Goals on a personal level including the use of the app "SDG Explorer". Reflection on the personal motivation to take up and use sustainable potentials. Identify and develop possible cross-connections to professional implementation and crossover perspectives.

Day 2: Discover phase: Crossovers between personal and professional sustainable perspectives.

In close cooperation with the elements of the SDG Compass, the various indicators for sustainable development will be further elaborated and adapted to the indicators for the professional environment.

Various examples of good practice will be used to shed more light on their implementation concepts and, if necessary, possibilities for transfer will be explored.

First own project ideas will be developed and further specified - based on the design thinking approach.

Day 3: Developing a sustainable project

Further development of a personal sustainable project on an individual or professional basis to a prototype stage. Individual learning assessment of sustainability competences (LEVEL5).

Expected Outcome

  • Rising the awareness towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs)
  • Becoming active towards a sustainable project – individual or professional level
  • Competence development (LEVEL5 approach)


LEVEL5 certificate

About Göttingen

Nestled in Germany, Göttingen captivates with its blend of academic excellence, historical charm, and vibrant culture. A hub of knowledge, the city boasts a prestigious university and a legacy tied to 44 Nobel laureates. Göttingen's Historical Charm, dating back to its 1200 AD foundation, remains intact, untouched by WWII. This preservation invites history enthusiasts and architecture admirers to explore its captivating past. Cultural Attractions, including the famous Gänseliesel statue, enrich the cityscape with a unique blend of history and charm. Göttingen's cobbled streets narrate centuries-old tales, offering a distinctive cultural experience. University Life pulsates through Göttingen, infusing the city with youthful energy. Nearly half the inner-city population, aged 18 to 30, contributes to a dynamic and invigorating environment. Beyond a mere visit, Göttingen promises Unique Experiences. Stroll picturesque streets, marvel at historical landmarks, and join celebrations at venues like Schloss Berlepsch.

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Am Leinekanal 4
37075 Goettingen

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please register until the 10.10.2023 via mail at:

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€ 280

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