Efficiency, productivity, and wellbeing through conscious environmental choices

The module aims at raising awareness of the importance of environmental issues to empower individuals and
companies/organisations in their choices concerning key aspects, such as: raw materials origin, energy consumption.

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Massa, Italy

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  • Common values and civic engagement & participation
  • Environment and fight against climate change


Climate change; Biodiversity, Ecosystems; Pollution; Water and marine resources; Circular Economy.

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Nov 2023

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Smart Revolution


English , Italian


The module aims at raising awareness of the importance of environmental issues to empower individuals and companies/organisations in their choices concerning key aspects, such as: raw materials origin, energy consumption and climate change  adaptation. Concrete examples of virtuous behaviours in companies/organisations will be provided for each topic. Topics: 1. The E within the ESG reference framework 2. Climate change mitigation and adaptation in yourcompany/organisation 3. Raw materials and circular economy 4. Environmental responsibility and pollution 5. Sustainability and biodiversity 6. Management and safeguarding of water and marine resources

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Tentative Program & Schedule

The duration is 6 hours, divided into 2 modules of 3 hours each. The course is held online through a digital platform for videocall. The module is adaptable to the context and specific needs of each client.

Expected Outcome


● Themes and relevant aspects of the E-Environment parameter

in ESG reference framework: Climate change, Circular Economy,

Pollution, Biodiversity, Water and Marine resources.

● Concrete examples of virtuous behaviours applicable in the

workplace and company/organisation management.

● Awareness of the environmental impact at a personal and

company/organisation level.


● Identifying weak spots (unsustainability) within work and private

life, sorted by macro areas.

● Fostering the adoption of virtuous behaviours aimed at

reducing the environmental impact.


A participation certificate will be granted to those who complete the training. 

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Directly contact Smart Revolution and check availability for delivering the course to individuals or companies.

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€ 300

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Smart Revolution
Smart Revolution

Smart Revolution


Massa: Via Massa Avenza 38B - 54100 Massa (MS) Torino: Corso Valdocco 15bis, 10122 Torino (TO)

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The course is internally organised by Smart revolution and held by Dr. Alberico Bedini. Alberico has spent much of his career between scientific and industrial activities, he has obtained an industrial PhD in environmental biotechnologies and worked in biotech industries in Italy and abroad. Meanwhile, Alberico conducted research activities working with prestigious national and foreign research centres (University of Pisa, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Leibniz Institute). His work has always aimed at bringing into “real” world discoveries carried out in the lab.