Introduction to the topic of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has been called a “silent global pandemic”. In this course, you can learn what it is, how to recognise it and how to act when someone asks for your support.


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Sofia, Bulgaria

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  • Common values and civic engagement & participation
  • Improving the competences of adult educators

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May 2024

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Emprove Foundation




First, the course helps addressing ones’ personal and common stereotypes in the area of domestic violence and overcoming these stereotypes. It leads towards a common understanding of the types of domestic violence (DV) then it introduces the participants to the symptoms and first signs that can be considered signs of DV and it leads the participants through the stages of the so-called cycle of violence. Moreover, it provides an overview of the legal framework to protect, assist and support survivors of DV, from an international, European point of view, provoking critical analysis and research of the local point of view. Then, with the expertise of experienced psychologists, the course offers concrete and practical information on how to assess and manage the risk connected to DV and how to properly communicate on the topic, when offering support.

Tentative Program & Schedule

Courses are designed to suit the specific profile of the participants, but will always cover the core competences: 

Recognition and prevention of domestic violence.

Risk Assessment in domestic violence

Communication skills related to domestic violence


Upon completion of a practical course assignment and analysis of participation in team discussions, an "Emprove Badge" will be given to participants. 

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TBD Sofia

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€ 240

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