Competence Oriented Learning – Design, Delivery and Validation

The course brings about theory, didactic concepts, examples and collaborative learning projects on Competence Oriented Learning in non-foaml and informal learning settings


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Peniche, Portugal

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  • Competence Oriented Learning & Validation (COL&V)

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Apr 2024

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blinc eG




Our vision is a high-quality approach for a large range of stakeholders -  a learning community -  working in informal, non-formal and formal contexts, creating and developing the competences of their learners. Since the foundation of our European network in 2005 we have developed and substantiated quality driven approaches, methods and tools to support new ways of learning and development and to measure their impact, also aided by state-of-the-art learning technologies. We call our approach Competence Oriented Learning and Validation. Competence oriented learning is a counter-concept to a subject oriented, formalised and decontextualised (sterile) form of education. However, this is not an erratic, laissez-faire approach but is based on a specific taxonomy, the LEVEL5 system. In informal learning contexts outside the educational institutes – in other words in real life - it is important to validate the competences: especially in these rather informal contexts we have to go for quality and create demand-driven, practical and meaningful learning environments. The course explains our background and the theory behind “competence acquisition”, our basic models and the taxonomy. Based on this theory we present our approach, the tools and instruments to plan, deliver and validate Competence Oriented Learning. Theory inputs are being delivered in „small doses“. The main part of this 4-5 days’ workshop deals with practical examples and active collaborative learning in small international groups. The course starts and ends with collaborative online phases and is accomplished by a competence validation.

European Dimension

The course is delivered for transnational and interdisciplinary and teams of educators from all over Europe.

Tentative Program & Schedule

Day 1:

·        Morning: COL Theory; European Backgrounds, taxonomies, Practice examples

·        Afternoon: Joint Project: Team foundation, Defining context and the challenge

Day 2:

·        Morning: COL Theory; Levels of formality in Education, WG on Practice examples,

·        Afternoon: Joint Project: ideation on the project and selection of idea challenge

Day 3:

·        Morning: Planning techniques and delivery provided with examples from different sectors

·        Afternoon: Joint Project: Prototyping

Day 4:

·        Morning: Joint Project: Preparing the Pitch/ Afternoon: Presentation and follow-up

·        Afternoon: Joint Project: T Presentation and follow-up

Expected Outcome

·        Profound knowledge on the COL&V approach (in AE, youth, and the potential transfer also to more formalised learning and training in HE, VET, schools)

·        Methodological planning and delivery skills (didactic design, delivery and validation)

·        Joint learning project

·        European cooperation teams


After the course you get a qualified LEVEL5 certificate describing knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired together with a EUROPASS supplement.

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TBD Peniche

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€ 400

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