Introduction to Travel Security

An introductory module on travel security, aimed at the staff of companies and
organisations on business trips in medium and high-risk countries.


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Massa, Italy

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Travel security, Duty of care, Travel Risk Management (TRM), prevention, business trip

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Jan 2024

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Smart Revolution


English , Italian


This course is an introductory module on travel security, aimed at the staff of companies and organisations on business trips in medium and high-risk countries. The module provides an efficient solution to respond to employers’ duty of care as well as to the legislations 81/2008 and 231/2001, which already provide for the employers’ criminal and administrative responsibility for the protection and safeguarding of their personnel on business trips abroad, and to the more recent ISO 31030 on Travel Risk Management (TRM). Training units list: 1. Security, risk awareness and emergency planning 2. Travel planning, residential and business trip security 3. Attacks from “Active Aggressor” 4. Risks related to gatherings, protests, and disorders 5. Negotiations in case of checkpoints (legal or illegal), conflict management included 6. Hostage-taking and post-capture management  

European Dimension

The course fosters the European Value of the Rule of Law, as it explains concepts such as the employers' duty of care and which criminal and administrative responsibilities the employer may have when sending staff to medium and high-risk countries.

Tentative Program & Schedule

2 sessions of 4 hours each, to be done within a week. The sessions are interactive and delivered via Zoom. In-depth materials and useful tips on travel planning will be provided.

Expected Outcome

  • Knowledge of the fundamental concepts ofthreat, risk, risk assessment matrix, prevention and mitigation measures, travel planning, residential and business trip personnel security, prevention
  • Management of certain complex scenarios and security incidents, including attacks by active aggressors, legal and illegal checkpoints, ambushes, kidnapping
  • Knowledge of conduct during capture


A participation certificate will be granted to those who complete the training. 

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Directly contact Smart Revolution and check availability for delivering the course to individuals or companies.

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€ 300

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Smart Revolution
Smart Revolution

Smart Revolution


Massa: Via Massa Avenza 38B - 54100 Massa (MS) Torino: Corso Valdocco 15bis, 10122 Torino (TO)

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Smart Revolution Security

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The course is organised by the security branch of Smart Revolution, designed to prepare personnel of private companies, public institutions, NGOs and journalists who travel and work in fragile and critical situations, as well as conflict and post-conflict contexts. The preparation, which empowers staff to operate safely, is delivered through a highly specialised training focused on threats and risks prevention, mitigation and management. The courses, which can last from 1 to 5 days, are modular and customisable according to the type of employment, the country risk and the security procedure carried out.

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