Effective Communication

Be sure that you understand and that you are being understood by peeking into the black box of communication, with the help of science and practice.

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Sofia, Bulgaria

Content Areas
  • Improving the competences of adult educators
  • Strengthening employability

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Oct 2024

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Emprove Foundation




This course will give the possibility to the participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding on effective communication. It will help them examine barriers to effective communication and assess possible personal barriers to communication. After completing this course, learners will also know practical models for self-reflection and analysis of the level of active listening, giving them hands-on technique to improve their listening skills. Finally, with a great importance for one’s own personal development, but also for the work in a team, participants will learn the skills of giving and receiving constructive feedback.

European Dimension

Material launched and already tested in 7 EU countries

Expected Outcome

Participants will improve their competences in the following areas:

Communication Skills

Active Listening

Giving Feedback


An Emprove Badge will be given to participants who successfully complete the course. 

Venue address

TBD Sofia

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Contact the Emprove Foundation:

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Participation Fee

€ 160

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