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Join us in the heart of Germany, the charming university town of Göttingen, and find out more about our EU project development and management activities.


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EU Projects, Erasmus+, Interreg, Project Management, Sustainability, Digitalisation, Culture, Sports

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Trainer , Educator , Staff/Professional , Disadvantaged Learner

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May 2024

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blinc eG

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English , German


The team at blinc eG have work all over Europe to deploy – in addition to face-to-face and project collaboration formats – state of the art digital resources such as online learning suites, conferences and innovation workshop facilities as well as digital collaboration tools. We focus on the promotion of human learning processes in organisations, businesses and all educational sectors with a focus on informal learning and competence development. Founded in 2005 our cooperative has developed over 50 European Learning & Development projects, mostly funded by European programmes like ERASMUS+, AMIF, LIFE, INTERREG and H2020. Our home base is Göttingen in Germany but our members also work from other places in Germany, Italy, the UK and Bulgaria. Our partners and clients come from 27 European countries.

Since 2005 we have developed, managed and participated in more than 50 European projects in different domains:
  • Education (Socrates, LLP, ERASMUS+ (KA1 and KA2 programmes) for Adult, Vocational and Higher Education, Youth and School education and Business/Academia
  • Research and Development (EIT, H2020)
  • Blended learning and technology supported collaboration (e-Learning, LLP, ERASMUS+)
  • Sustainable regional and interregional development (LIFE+, INTERREG, AMIF)

European Dimension

We are a truly European organisation, focused on delivering high-quality projects based on our staff expertise and the EU's priorities. 

Expected Outcome

Improved competences in project application and management

Networking opportunities suited to personal fields of interest

About Göttingen

Nestled in Germany, Göttingen captivates with its blend of academic excellence, historical charm, and vibrant culture. A hub of knowledge, the city boasts a prestigious university and a legacy tied to 44 Nobel laureates. Göttingen's Historical Charm, dating back to its 1200 AD foundation, remains intact, untouched by WWII. This preservation invites history enthusiasts and architecture admirers to explore its captivating past. Cultural Attractions, including the famous Gänseliesel statue, enrich the cityscape with a unique blend of history and charm. Göttingen's cobbled streets narrate centuries-old tales, offering a distinctive cultural experience. University Life pulsates through Göttingen, infusing the city with youthful energy. Nearly half the inner-city population, aged 18 to 30, contributes to a dynamic and invigorating environment. Beyond a mere visit, Göttingen promises Unique Experiences. Stroll picturesque streets, marvel at historical landmarks, and join celebrations at venues like Schloss Berlepsch.

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Bertheaustraße 10
37075 Göttingen

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Contact us at

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Potential costs for the job shadowing will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis

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