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reveal offers job shadowing opportunities for educational professionals for:
• Design based collaborative learning
• Professional networking and international relations
• Conference and event planning
• Small scale Educational pro


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Jobshadowing, Blended Learning, Sustainability

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Jul 2024

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reveal is an educational network. We are networking partners from 27 countries in all educational domains. Since 2005 we have developed and sustained an educational approach which promotes the planning, delivery and evidence based validation of Competence Oriented Learning (COL). Basically every educationalist can benefit from this methodology, but especially also those professionals who work outside the walls of formal education. Our mission is to to introduce the approach in all informal and formal educational areas, ranging from volunteering and internship projects, School, Vocational and Higher Education to highly specialised and individualised learning-on-the-job programmes. As a network we also aim to promote the work of our partners and partner organisations and disseminate and valorise the outcomes of EU-funded projects, be it innovative educational concepts, training courses, materials and learning technologies. We work along a philosophy which uses well developed informal approaches for common societal goals like sustainable development, inclusion and integration, digital literacy and the development of circular economy approaches and community development. Our Job: We work in interdisciplinary teams which we create with our European network members according to the concrete tasks: 1.      Constant networking activities, dissemination and valorisation 2.      Creating European project development spaces 3.      Planning and organising large scale interactive conferences (1 per year; > 120 participants) 4.      Hosting the KA1 platform

European Dimension

·        Deep insight in European network and project work

·        Connections to European funding programmes (ERASMUS (all sectors), INTERREG, LIFE, H2020, AMIF

Expected Outcome

·        Competences in European Networking, Internationalisation, design thinking and project development

·        High quality European project applications; Collaboration in own European project development

·        Connections to European funding programmes (ERASMUS (all sectors), INTERREG, LIFE, H2020, AMIF


The job shadowing is planned in a competence-oriented way with a profound preparation phase to achieve a high impact.

After the job shadowing you get a qualified LEVEL5 certificate describing knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired together with a EUROPASS supplement.

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Reveal Headquarters
37085 Göttingen

How to Apply

Send your application with a short (1/2 max. 1 page letter)  and you CV to

Job_shadowing Website



Reveal e.V., Bertheaustr. 10, 37075 Göttingen

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Tim Scholze