REVEAL15: Towards a Circular Sustanability Culture

The 2023 iteration of the REVEAL conference offers “Open Learning and Development Spaces for
Sustainability and Local Development” and introduces creative, learning, development and citizen-science projects.


Address of the Conference Venue


Content Areas
  • Common values and civic engagement & participation
  • Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations
  • Digitalisation
  • Environment and fight against climate change
  • Improving the competences of adult educators


Circular Carbon Economy, Social Sustainability, Biochar, Design Thinking

Potential Participants

Trainer , Educator , Staff/Professional , Youth Learner , Disadvantaged Learner

Next Available Conference
From 14. Jun 2023
To 15. Jun 2023

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For the reveal15 event, we have invited 10 European projects and local communities to join in our active conference and exhibition format – we will talk less and experiment more! At the conference, we are expecting a large transnational audience of 150 people from more than 15 European countries. A specific focus is on the development of products and value chains related to the circular carbon economy.

This relates to the recovery of residual organic waste and the conversion into climate-friendly and CO2-negative products and services, for instance for urban (community) gardens, ecological building, energy-saving projects, applied water management, permeable city and even healthcare projects. At reveal15 we introduce the circular carbon economy in a holistic approach involving all educational sectors and social and cultural activities. European and local projects and initiatives will present their tangible products and prototypes in a special exhibition format and let the participants experience and try them out in transnational teams along an active exhibition circuit. The exhibition works in an innovative hybrid (digitally supported) format in which everyone can explore the exhibits at their own speed and at different depths of information and concepts. We are offering a comprehensive programme of short inputs, workshops, and guided exhibition tours that you can compile individually. There will be an exciting culture programme with a concert of the Blue Chamber Quartet (on WED evening) and an Impro Theatre (on THU evening). The main conference day is Thursday the 15th of June, but the event already starts on Wednesday afternoon with a get-together, warm-up and the concert in the evening. Please plan to join us at least from WED afternoon to THU evening.

European Dimension

Visitors are expected from all over Europe and the projects and workshops presented are all related to the EU's main priorities.

Program / Tentative Schedule of the Conference

The main conference day is Thursday the 15th of June, but the event already starts on Wednesday afternoon with a get-together, warm-up and the concert in the evening.

Venue address

Hagenweg 2a
37081 Göttingen

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Reveal e.V., Bertheaustr. 10, 37075 Göttingen

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Contact persons

Tim Scholze

Co-Organiser (local host)

Name of Co-Organisation

blinc e.G.

Short Description of the Organisation

At blinc e.G., we have been working all over Europe and deploy – additional to face-to-face and project collaboration formats – state of the art digital resources such as online learning suites, conferences and innovation workshop facilities as well as digital collaboration tools.

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