Inclusive Disc Golf for Kids

This course for disc golf coaches covers the basics of how to run inclusive disc golf events and regular practices for young players (age 6-12).


Course Venue

Riga, Latvia

Content Areas
  • Inclusion and Diversity


Inclusion, Disc Golf, Inclusive Sports, Sports for Kids, HEPA

Potential Participants

Trainer , Educator , Staff/Professional , Youth Learner , Disadvantaged Learner

Course Duration (in days)


Next Available Course

May 2025

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blinc eG




This 1-day course, offered in the context of the Erasmus+ project "DISCKids", offers disc golf coaches from all over Europe a chance to learn some practical aspects of coaching kids, especially with respect to inclusion and diversity.  The course consists of around 5 hours of practical demonstrations and explanations intended to

European Dimension

The course welcomes participants from all over Europe and has been developed in line with the EU's Erasmus+ priorities, in particular inclusion in sports and improving access to Health Enhancing Physical Activity.

Tentative Program & Schedule

1 hour intro and theory input on inclusive disc golf for kids

3 1-hour activity sessions on age-appropriate disc golf activities

1 hour summary, reflection and future perspectives

Expected Outcome

Participants will gain ideas and practical training in working with diverse groups of kids in discgolf-related activities


A certificate of participation will be awarded.

About Riga, Latvia

Riga is the capital city of the European country of Latvia. Riga is on river Daugava near the Baltic Sea. The historical center of Riga is in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List and is notable for its Art Nouveau architecture, which, according to UNESCO, has no equal in the world. [7]

Source: Wikipedia

By Wilson44691 (image 1-2), Voytek S (image 3), Nikater (image 4), Poco a poco (image 5) - Image 1: File:Freedom Monument Riga Apex.JPGImage 2: File:Old Riga Buildings.JPGImage 3: File:Riga - City Hall.jpgImage 4: File:Riga-Livenplatz03.jpgImage 5: File:Opera Nacional, Riga, Letonia, 2012-08-07, DD 15.JPG, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Venue address

TBD Riga

How to Apply

Send an email to

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Participation Fee

€ 80

blinc eG

blinc eG


blinc eG, Bertheaustraße 10, 37075 Göttingen

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Contact persons

Garrett Hubing Silke Tollmien

Co-Organiser (local host)

Name of Co-Organisation

Jyväskylän Liitokiekkoilijat

Short Description of the Organisation

Jyväskylän Liitokiekkoilijat i.e. JyLi is a sports club for people interested in ultimate and disc golf in Jyväskylä, Central Finland.

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