RECTEC : Identifying transversal skills for employability and certifications

The Rectec training aims to better identify transversal skills for employability and certifications. It allows professionals of education, training, certification and career exploration to adopt the Rectec approach.


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Bordeaux, France

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  • Strengthening employability


Transversal Competences, Assessment of Graduated Skills

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Apr 2024

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Moving away from a disciplinary approach, RECTEC offers a global approach in which the skills to be acquired are linked to certification standards or to the qualifications expected for the job in question, and even directly to recruitment. In the professional training and certifications field, matching the competency reference guide with professional standards and certification criteria guarantees the validity of the transversal skills assessment and leads to clarifying and specifying professional situations and activities. The training is based on the Rectec competency reference guide that can be common to the whole system of actors working in the professional training and integration fields. Its graded skill proficiency scales allow us to acknowledge partially mastered skills and to identify those to be developed to reach EQF’s level. The previous skills of the people we support are recognized, valued, identified and mobilized.

European Dimension

The RECTEC approach has been developed by a consortium of 17 EU partners and tested by a vast number of European organisations (in the field of prequalification, vocational training, education, human resources, guidance…).

The RECTEC approach and tools are labelled best practice by the European Commission and the European Agenda for Adult Education (France).

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Tentative Program & Schedule

®     Theorical contents and case studies

Day 1:        Adopting the Rectec approach and tools


o   Find your way around the RECTEC map, identifying its 3 poles: reflexive, communicative and organizational.

o   Familiarize yourself with the RECTEC skills gradation levels.

o   Identify the principles of the Graduated Transversal Competencies approach

o   Understand the progression indicators

o   Identify the positioning process

o   Experiment with the approach by assessing several skills in situation on the RECTEC map


Day 2:     The fundamentals of assessment in the graduated skills approach

o   Understanding the assessment approach

o   Linking skills to a profession/sector/professional certification

o   Identify the steps involved in engineering an assessment within the Graduated Transversal Competencies approach.

Expected Outcome

- Strengthening the professional practices in assessment, guidance and training engineering

- To be able to highlight personal and professional achievements in relation to target skills (success-based teaching) by encouraging self-assessment.

- To be able to create the necessary positioning tools via initial, intermediate and final assessments (interviews, role-playing, on-the-job training, for example)

- To share a continuum of reference points between the stakeholders: trainers (including from different systems or organizations, particularly within the framework of partnerships), job referents (tutoring, mentoring) and beneficiaries, to ensure the coherence of each course (agile training, seamless courses).


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