Story your speech, speech your story!

In this course we present and practice storytelling competences as a model for creativity skills for innovation and social cohesion. It aims to help social entrepreneurs better link up with their target groups and to convey conten

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Lier, Belgium

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  • Common values and civic engagement & participation
  • Innovative learning and teaching practices


storytelling, communication, art

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From 18. Feb 2026
To 22. Feb 2026

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Federation for European Storytelling




A competence-oriented course: we apply a combination of group activities and exercises in structuring and adapting; imagining and visualizing; interpreting, empathizing and expressing; experimenting and creating; telling and acting; connecting and interacting; reflecting and discussing; solo, in duo, trio….

European Dimension

In this course we promote the use of storytelling techniques as an ideal tool for value transmitting ​​and social and cultural participation.

Participatory techniques such as

-connecting with oneself, a story and the other,

-transferring and sharing images,

-using metaphors and archetypes,

-being able to empathize with others,

-daring to express oneself,

-installing interaction,

-reflecting together

etc.  are all part of storytelling and as such offer the right ingredients to go with European values ​​such as democracy, inclusion, sustainability, equality...

Tentative Program & Schedule

Storytelling for the social entrepreneur and adult educator:

Day 1: Competences of the storyteller as a craftsman: master body and voice, master narrative and language, know about story structure and storytelling techniques.

Day 2: Competences of the storyteller as an artist: interpret and express, empathise and embody, experiment and create.

Day 3: Competences of the storyteller as a performer: prepare and focus, deal with space and time, connect with story and audience/target group.

Day 4: Integration and reflection.

Expected Outcome

Participants will be able:

-      to conceive story elements, e.g. plot, theme, metaphors;

-      to use body movements and vocal expressions to serve the story/message;

-      to add personal elements in the way one crafts and tells a story;

-      to approach and describe situations and actions, characters and objects, in different ways;

-      to empathise with a character and express as a character;

-      to select and apply a range of storytelling techniques that suit the message, audience and presentation.


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