Teaching Tech to Seniors: Instructor Training Program

Guidance for adult educators how to teach the use of online websites and tools to senior citizens


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Göttingen, Germany

Content Areas
  • Creating and promoting learning opportunities among all citizens and generations
  • Digitalisation
  • Improving the competences of adult educators
  • Inclusion and Diversity

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Apr 2024

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blinc eG


English , German


Motivating and enhancing the digital competence of seniors facing significant electronic service barriers presents a challenging task. Our training "Teaching Tech to Seniors: Instructor Training Program" equips educators with vital instructions, methodological guidance, and learning materials for seamless integration into diverse training programs and face-to-face sessions. This program provides insights into introducing the "My e-Start" online course to seniors, fostering their participation, and integrating it into blended learning contexts. The training commences with an overview of common e-Government and e-Commerce services, considering digital competencies outlined in the European Digital Competence Framework (DigiComp). This foundational knowledge is crucial for trainers to comprehend the services that seniors may find challenging to access and the requisite digital skills. Following that, the training details the rationale, content, and pedagogical concepts of the online course. Subsequent sections provide guidance on introducing the "My e-Start" online course and motivating senior participants to engage with it.

Tentative Program & Schedule

Day 1: Digital Competences
Day 2: Utilizing the “My e-Start” Online Platform
Day 3: Engaging Learners / Blended Learning Approaches

Expected Outcome

·         Enhanced Proficiency: Adult educators will develop a deep understanding of internet usage and various online tools, enabling them to effectively guide seniors.

·         Tailored Approach: Educators will learn to adapt their teaching methods to meet the specific needs and abilities of elderly learners.

·         Improved Digital Literacy: The training will boost educators' digital literacy skills, enabling them to teach seniors how to browse, communicate, and access information online.

·         Practical Curriculum: The training will help educators design practical curricula that address seniors' real-life needs and challenges in the digital realm.

·         Troubleshooting Skills: Training will include knowledge on identifying and resolving common issues that seniors may face while navigating the internet.

·         Safety and Security Awareness: Educators will learn to instill a strong sense of online safety and privacy practices in seniors.


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