Shanarani Youth led Approach – Youth Worker Training

Stereotypes are a common term we come across in our debates on gender & diversity. But what are stereotypes exactly and why do they matter? To answer these questions and help reflect, we offer a 5 days training course.


Course Venue

Vélez-Málaga, Spain

Content Areas
  • Common values and civic engagement & participation


Gender equality

Potential Participants

Trainer , Educator , Staff/Professional

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Next Available Course

Apr 2024

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Asociación Caminos


other , English , German

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    Shanarani, a name derived from the Mexican indigenous Purépecha people that can be used for either gender, signifies the attempt to overcome gender stereotyping and discrimination with a focus on working with modern media (like film and music) and reflection, individually and in groups. The training aims to help participants - either as youth workers to multiply the approach, or as young people to use it with peers - learn about the nature of stereotypes, how to identify stereotypes and how to deconstruct them. By improving the ability of participants to actively and consciously engage with gender stereotypes, we can hope to work on overcoming these, allowing for a more independent and self-determined life and an overall reduction in gender discrimination in society.

European Dimension

Gender representations and equality measures will be compared for different countries of participants.

Expected Outcome

- Train their awareness and critical thinking towards stereotypical portrayals in film and music

- Show and discuss the connection between such expectations, life decisions and consequences in their lifes

- Empower participants to take decisions based on personal needs and preferences

- Enable them to conduct a discussion on the influence of gender stereotypes and argue for their personal needs


- Youth Pass Certificate

About Vélez-Málaga

Vélez-Málaga is a municipality and the capital of the Axarquía comarca in the province of Málaga, in the Spanish autonomous community of Andalusia. It is the most important city in the comarca. Locally it is referred to as Vélez. Vélez-Málaga is the headquarters of the Commonwealth of Municipalities of Costa del Sol-Axarquía. The municipality forms part of the Costa del Sol region.

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Conjunto El Carmen, Edif. San Juan, bajo K1
29700 Vélez-Málaga

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Asociación Caminos
Asociación Caminos

Asociación Caminos


Conjunto El Carmen Edificio San Juan Bajo K1, 29700 Vélez-Málaga

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